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Welcome to Locksmith Union City CA, a dependable locksmith, a locksmith business you can trust!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you had to search for "the closest locksmith near me?" It is very hard to find locksmith nearby, indeed. Especially if you are looking for the best quality! Have you wondered if you found the right service provider? Have no doubt about it anymore- now you have.

The first thing you should know about how we do our business is: it is all about you, our precious customer! You and us, we are the same team, and that is why we listen, we care and most importantly- we deliver! Join our countless satisfied customers today.


We started small, 12 years ago. Along the way, we became the strongest reliance available to our community, the leader in providing locksmith service and locksmith technology. Serving, not just homes, businesses, and vehicles, but real people with their real needs, we grew along with our community and learned from our experiences too; not just books, regulations, and rules.


We learned that our customers want the best possible quality delivered. No one should compromise while taking care of safety and security. Whether it is your car, business your home, you deserve that comfortable, peaceful state of mind knowing that things are being handled the right way.


Another important aspect of our services, another thing that we learned from you, is that you need good services done ON TIME. That time response could make a great difference. Within just minutes from your call, you may found our professionals on-site, already solving the situation you found yourself in, whatever the problem is or whenever a problem occurred!

At Locksmith Union City, CA we offer you 24/7 availability. That means that all year around we are there for you, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day


Long story short, we deliver wherever you need us! Since we offer you a free estimate, you don't even have to go out of your home in order to reach us. Maybe you have some safety concerns or you'd simply like to make a safety upgrade. Call us today, and our expert will gladly help you with all the possible questions you'd like to ask.
If you found yourself in a trouble far away from home- do not despair. You can get in touch with us via the internet or simply by calling and our team will be on-site in the shortest time possible.


Modern times ask for modern demands and your demand is our command. We deliver with grace and kindness. The solutions we provide our customers with are always the best possible choice from numerous options. We take into consideration your time, location, as mentioned, but also your budget. That is why we offer you free estimates but also reasonable, affordable price for the top quality so overall we are truly the "cheapest locksmith near me" you could possibly find.

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Concisely, we can cover ANY possible situation you can find yourself in. We are dedicated to offering immediate and reliable assistance to our customers as well as a variety of locksmith services for any possible situation related to:


Your business needs to be crowned with top notch security. Everything you've been working for has to be guarded carefully. Also, we can offer you a better organization. What if I tell you that you can use just one key to open the whole department? It would simplify so many things! We provide custom made solutions that will completely fit your needs. Feel free to contact us with any question, even if looking just for a suggestion or an advice.


Home safety is a guarantee for a goodnight sleep. Our professional can provide you with true peace of mind, proposing easy, affordable solutions. From lock repair to home alarm systems and home security cameras, we offer you a wide range of possibilities to protected your precious oasis.


Our response team is waiting for your contact, whether you found yourself miles away from home having problems with your car lock, for example, or you are down the street from us. You may contact us any time of the day or night, all year long. We are here to deliver 24-7, Our smart solutions are delivered to you on-site within minutes and performed by a professionally trained team of experts. You will restore your peace of mind so quickly, that you will not even remember there was any trouble before!


Questions about vehicles are maybe among the most frequently asked questions. Whether it is the safety concern for your precious new ride or some "unusual" circumstance. No situation is unusual. Let us say, it Is the middle of the night, you were enjoying yourself with your friends in a new club and on your way back home you realize the moment you need to open the car, that you locked your keys in a car! When you realize it is impossible to get into locked car, do not hesitate to give us call. This is a quite common situation, but any further intervention from your side could do a permanent damage to your vehicle. Surely, it would raise the frustration, too.

Allow us Locksmith Union City to show you why we are the leaders in providing locksmith services over 12 years now. Do not waste your time, or money, anymore. Join our satisfied customers today and rest assured you are always well taken care of. Call us to act now.

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